Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good things come in small packages!


We are pleased to present the newest Old Pretenders, and we think they both are little gems and we do mean "little" as they are all of 7.5" tall.

The first is dressed in a really rare and beautiful 18th century silk so delicate with tiny roses and buds in perfect scale for this lovely little doll, in the palest shades of rose and celery green with a pale mushroom background. She is so detailed that without a reference to scale in a photo, one could easily be fooled into thinking she was a larger doll. Her hair colour is the perfect compliment to her completion and dress.

The second is lovely in tone on tone shades of ivory with the ever so subtle hint of colours brought in from the tiny floral in the rare 18th century silk brocade of her dress. She has lovely pale complexion and her wig is fashioned from antique pale blonde hair. She is just a lovely wash of tone on tone ivory and blonde and every element on her is perfect to scale.

They both have fully jointed legs allowing them to sit beautifully... Oh and did we mention they both have shoes?

1 comment:

  1. It always amazes me how much character you can put into your tiny dolls! I remember when I was making dolls and how doing any of them 'smaller' always ment 'harder' and 'taking much much more time'! Yours are as masterful as your large ones!
    and kisses