Saturday, April 10, 2010

300+ years old? or a 30 day old (Old Pretender)?

On occasion I still have to set down and make a doll just for me and it has to be a challenge. This particular challenge was to create a W&M period doll that has the most authentic 300+ year old patina but also to carry and create that same 300+ year old patina right into her dress as well. I wanted this doll to look like her dress has been on her for 300+ years and I am very pleased with the results. I think everyone will agree, its very hard if not impossible to tell this doll and dress are only a month old.

Hope everyone enjoys the photos.



  1. So interesting to see the details up close. Your work is stunning! (To say the least.)

  2. Amazing, gorgeous, stunning...and extraordinarily convincing!

  3. Stunning as to be expected..Beautiful work!

  4. This is really beautiful, David, perfect work as one who tries to do this can even step into the same room with you or with Paul.

  5. by far, your best work ever...she is humble, yet very rich looking, and this is impossible to do...but I KNOW your secrets....wont you let me come on just ONE weensie lil trip in your time machine...I promise to be good~ COME ON!
    xoxoxoxo rachael

  6. Your dolls are fabulous and you have done amazing 'aging' work on this one. Beautiful!