Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mid 18th century elegance

This elegant lady is 14 inches tall and dressed in several very beautiful and rare pieces of 18th century fabrics and a few accent details from the leftover rare 18th century flybraid I used when dressing Flora. Her face in particular is based on a antique example from around 1735.

She is a VERY elegant doll with the most elaborate and intricate court dress. The total package of this doll,  her elaborate dress and very detailed wig, is for sure one of our finest. She is available and e-mail inquiries are welcome.
Remember to click on each image to see a full size view.
Enjoy the photos.
The Old Pretenders


  1. She is just so beautiful and the gown is gorgeous. It is so inspiring to see such exceptional art!

  2. Yes truly inspiring!!!!!! Just beautiful!!!!!!!!