Monday, August 23, 2010

A very special little late 17th century Lady

Now for something a little different but quite rare. We have based our newest late 17th century English wooden on a couple of very rare antique examples from the 1690's.
The antique examples are quite small as is our example below. The antiques and our doll are carved from the waist up like the larger examples of William and Mary period dolls, just a bit simpler and cruder but from the waist down, they are basically a stump. We are very pleased with how she turned out and I really love the hands Paul carved for this one.
We think our little lady has quite the amazing face and personality for her small size of 7.5 inches tall. Her face and expression in her portrait photos are particularly haunting and soulful I think.
Click on the photos for a large view of her great patina and details that I am very pleased with.
She is currently available but will probably not be here for long so e-mail us if you are interested in her.
David & Paul

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