Friday, July 20, 2012


Introducing Spoot and Frazzle, our newest and most adorable Ragamuffins! 
I am really pleased with these two siblings!
Spoot has this quiet, kind of sweet or its a "I didn't do it" mischievous look on his face. Of course Frazzle, his sister, well her name says it all! Just look at that face!
She is just plain manic, probably due to her "innocent" looking Brother!
Paul says Frazzle keeps seeing bears everywhere and Spoot is no help!...."IS THAT A BEAR? No Frazzle, its a kitty.....IS THAT A BEAR....No Frazzle, its a rock.....and so on....Spoot has a bear mask as well so figure that one out....Paul is writing a little story about these two and their antics and actually I think and so do several of our friends who have seen them, that they could easily be the charming  protagonists of a children's book....
Again, thanks to our dear friend Lois for the wonderful fabrics for our little Ragamuffins or Tatterdemalions as she loves to call them.
Hope everyone enjoys the photos.