Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our latest William and Mary Period English Wooden

Here are some photos of our latest and very lovely William and Mary period English wooden, made for a special client who loves these wonderful 17th century dolls as much as we do.
She has the classic W&M period face and body type, identical to the antique doll we have here that she is based on. She is dressed in a most lovely piece of 17th century silk dating from around 1660.
Her dress reminds me of a English garden in summer.
Everything about her is just magical including the way she feels in hand.
Best Wishes: David


  1. Oh my. So pretty. I have no words to describe. I love the hair.


  2. She is Beautiful!!! The fabric you use is always so incredible!!! I LOVE her.... wish I could find old fabric like that!

  3. Hi,
    Exquisite dolls. Such attention to detail. Each doll clearly made with love and devotion. I sell 17th & 18th English textiles so please pop in to my English antique shop any time for a browse.
    Keep up the amazing work,
    Trinity Antiques