Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Newest Old Pretender

Hello everyone..... I have been working on a doll, on and off for a couple months and wanted to share the photos with you....She is my version of the wonderful early doll in a golden yellow silk dress from the Bethnal Green Museum. I saw her in person in the Bethnal Green Museum in London when I was there several times and took a few photos of her.
I needed her hands (which are very unique) to be a copy of the antique ones as well. Paul of course did the most amazing job and was able to make them identical to the antiques and I was able to match the patina up and keep the finish more pristine under the kid glove.

I had just enough antique kid leather that matched the antique dolls gloves to make these gloves for my doll. This was a VERY difficult and labour intensive doll to make and to try to reproduce from photos and memory. My copy is not identical but there is a “family” resemblance face wise.
Here she is complete. What a huge undertaking she was!
I really am so pleased with the patina as well. You will notice that her patina does not extend where her gloves can be pulled back or under the bodice and lace for instance around the neck, just like a patina that took 300 years to develop on a antique doll in original clothing.
She is one of those exceptionally photogenic dolls, just like some people, so I have posted a lot of photos. I am very proud of this one and the moment I finished her, I think she even surprised me how good she is and how indistinguishable from a antique of the early 18th century.
The patina is even better in person and actually shows much better on the dress fabric in person. For some reason, this wonderful 18th century Silk Bourette that I have dressed her in, does not show the patina in photos for some reason.
Love to hear what everyone thinks?
Best Wishes; David



  1. She looks ancient. The gloves and hands are magnificent. My favorite aspect of her is that beaky little nose.

    1. She is perfection David!! Incredibly precious. She  needs to be in a museum for all the world to see! I adore her face, patina, and am in love with her gloved hands!

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the compliments. I have received quite a few e-mails saying she belongs in a museum and is indistinguishable from a antique.

  3. Incredible detail... You are so talented..
    Julie x