Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Recent Restoration work

Hi Everyone....I have been working on a very extensive and difficult restoration on a late 18th century English wooden torso for a private collector. What a mess the dolls torso was and she was also missing her arms and legs. I actually could not believe it when I unwrapped her and saw the state she was in! Paul said OMG it’s the Stump of Horror!
We have a feeling that when she lost most of her face years ago, that someone decided to try to be "creative" and gouge out a mouth for her, since a late doll of this period would never have a detailed or carved mouth, just flat wood in the mouth area with a subtle bump of plaster where the lips would be painted. What they managed to do is make her look like she was howling in horror! It was a job and a half to fix this one but I did and I am very pleased with the results. I was able to match up her original paint colour (what was left of it at her mid torso) so that was quite a difficult but good thing as well. Paul did his usual amazing job carving her new and proper arms and legs as well. I am particularly pleased with the patina match up on these as well.We are very pleased with the restoration and though everyone might like to see the before and after's. The doll looks quite pleased with herself also, the very happy owner thinks as well.

Best Wishes: David & Paul




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  1. I'm glad this little dear was in such good hands...thank you for restoring her!