Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hi Everyone: We wanted to share the photos of our latest William and Mary period English wooden which is one of our finest and most exceptional in every way.
She was made especially for a special friend of ours.
Her dress fabric is an extremely rare piece of dress silk dating from 1660.
The extremely find and extremely rare piece of golden wool used for her under dress is also 17th century and as fine as tissue paper but very strong for over 300 years old.
We rarely use metal trims from this piece is also very early and the perfect compliment for this doll we felt.
Her patina (not captured to its best in the scaled down photographs), is absolutely amazing in person and indistinguishable from a antique of her period that has aged for over 300 years.
She stands 15 inches tall.
We wanted to share what she wrote to us after receiving the doll today.
David & Paul

“Dear David & Paul: There are literally no words to express my heart felt thank you. I wish you could see all my tears of joy!
When I saw the box I started shaking! When I carefully unwrapped her and looked at her old, lovely face, full of wisdom and graciousness, I was over come with joy and love. 
She far exceeds my expectations in every way! I have imagined for a few years what it would be like to actually own one of your dolls.
Let me tell you there is no comparison in the imagination to what she feels like in hand!!
The patina, the fabric, and her personality are incredible. 
So so very incredible!
This girl had extra love put into her by you both. I can feel it.
Sending the biggest hugs and gratitude imaginable to you both.”


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  1. Can't say as I blame the lady. My hands would be shaking too. She is beautiful.