Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our most recient restoration work

This sweet little late 18th century English wooden came to us missing her legs and her owner said she deserves her dignity back and we agreed. We were pleased to hear that the owner did not want this sweet little waif to be restored completely other than new legs and correct 18th century linen uppers for her arms. She loved her and her sweet funny little expression just the way she is and so do we.
Sometimes, with certain dolls, its best to leave them exactly how they have aged and survived and you have to admit, she may be missing all her paint and worn heavily but what a great face and expression she still has.
Her owner is thrilled with the results and look at what an AMAZING job Paul did carving and matching her new legs up in every way to her including aging and patina!
Her owner wrote to us and said this.

"Hi David & Paul, okay you guys have a time machine and went back to get her legs. Amazing!! Thank you so much!"



  1. I have ALWAYS said you two have a time machine and is blasted NOT FAIR you keep it to yourselves!!! She is SO special, and no offense meant of coarse, I am so glad she did not get repainted. There is an unmistakable and absolutely priceless aura that so many years love and kisses have bestowed. thankyou for sharing her with us~ XOXOXXO

    1. Thank you Rachael! Always lovely to hear from you!
      Best Wishes: David & Paul

  2. She has such a wonderful personality and beauty - a wonderful restoration and conservation.