Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Early 18th century elegance

I think this doll has a wonderful patina and wonderfully expressive eyes. Makes you wonder what she is thinking?

UPDATE: I received a lovely compliment on this doll from a follower of our blog. She wrote:

All so lovely...
Re: Early 18th century elegance - she is so beautiful, she looks like an angel. Her eyes are incredible - she almost looks sad, but it is a beautiful sadness. I wonder what the person who made her was thinking?


Always a lovely compliment when one of our dolls is mistaken for a original antique and truth be told, it happens a lot, but this lovely lady with her very convincing patina was made by David about a year and a half ago so she is just a babe in years. Thank you for the compliment!


  1. Excellent!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this doll and her dress!