Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Favorite doll / answering a question I hear from time to time.

I have had followers ask, out of all the dolls we have made, which is my favourite or do I have a favourite.

Its funny, one might think this would be a very hard question to answer but its not for me. You might think my favourite would be my most recent doll and of course the most recent is usually the best as with any artist. The more dolls we make, the more we perfect our work and of course the newest doll are always among my favourites.

I take the process of creating a doll very seriously and I put so much though, effort and energy into each and every one to make them come to life and give them a personality and a wonderful accurate and correct patina.
As I complete a doll and it "comes to life" so to speak, on occasion, one will really speak to me. This doll is the one which from the moment I finished her, spoken to me the most.

She is not a fancy doll, she is not even 100% correct in every way for a late 17th century English wooden, and for anyone who knows me, they know I am a real stickler for perfection and authenticity in every way and I am not happy unless all aspects of a doll are as perfect as I can make it.

Having said that, this little William and Mary period imp with her adorable face and sweet expression captured my heart from the moment she was complete and I always keep her close by. She can even lift my spirits and make me smile, after a really hard or bad day.

So here she is, new photos of David's all time favourite. I would love to hear comments from our followers about her.
Click on the small images as always for large detail photos.


  1. I can see why this one is your favorite. She is indeed impish! Her wonderfully high eyebrows make you wonder what secrets she is keeping... I love seeing her seated in the beautiful box, like her own tiny world.

  2. She is so beautiful and full of character! Whilst not the most classically beautiful I can certainly see why you take so much pride in her, her impish nature must resonate with yours David ;-) xxx

  3. Browsing through your posts, I am struck by the uncanny human emotions that glows from each doll. They speak with their eyes, and their individual character shines forth from each face.
    You are enriching the world with your talents and creativity. Thank you.