Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our newest early 18th century beauty

I am so pleased with every aspect of this doll. As my own worst critic and being a stickler for no artistic license aloud on our dolls and 100% authenticity to the antiques always, I rarely complete a doll that I would not or do not make changes on, but this is one doll that falls into that rare category of "I would not change a thing". I love everything about this doll from her face, personality, carving style and proportions, her painting and patina, her dress and shoes and so on.

She has the most amazing real antique look in person and feel in hand and I am just so pleased with every aspect of this doll.
A big thank you to our lovely friend Lois for her beautiful early dress fabric that just worked up amazing and feels amazing as well when handling the doll.
I hope everyone enjoys seeing her. Remember to click on the photos if you want to see a full sized image.



  1. She is certainly a gem, so serene, almost contemplative.

  2. What a gorgeous and elegant young lady, the dress is totally fabulous, I'd like to order one in my size please for the Christmas parties! xxx

  3. She is a delight and I LOVE the material!