Monday, September 19, 2011


What can I say about this adorable little lady? That face makes me SO happy! The moment I completed her, I was smiling the entire day at that little face! I just love everything about her.....and what a profile!
Paul said, she looks like a that's her name. We rarely name our dolls so she is obviously one of my all time favourites. I made her dress from a very rare piece of 18th century painted cotton. She photographs so well I could not decide which photos to publish so I published them all!

Blogger has evidentially changed to a slide show (which I do not like) when you left click on any of our images to try to enlarge them. Now they do not enlarge to full size.

To see any image full size, right click on the image, then click on "open link in a new tab" for a full sized image.


  1. Daisy is divine!!!! You sublime creations send shivers down my spine - so sublime!!!!!!! During the restoration of our home we have found many little white clay smoking pipes that apparently women used to smoke, I can't help but think one of your gorgeous dolls would look so fine smoking a little white clay pipe! Warmest wishes from a 500 year old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx

  2. Thank you Glenda...How wonderful to find the little clay pipes and even more wonderful living in a 500 year old farm house!
    I love England and the time I have spent there. I feel so at home there surrounded by all the history, the castle ruins, ancient stone and flint walls, and nothing would be more amazing to me than to explore a 16th, 17th or 18th century house or building or farm house. I always wished I could do just that and discover a hidden away English wooden.
    Best Wishes: David