Monday, September 19, 2011

One of my newest Old Pretenders

When I got out of the hospital and got feeling better, I just had to set down and make a doll that I wanted to make......just loose myself in making it and forget about everything but creating a doll I would be very proud of.....The other thing I wanted to concentrate on with this doll is the best patina I could create and I think I got it.....I decided to show her to some friends and have posted their comments on her below, letting them speak about the doll rather than me.
Best Wishes: David

It is a testament to your empathy with these mute little wooden people that you create them with so much care and consideration for their mythical past and ensure it is truly reflected in their overall finish and look!
I am sure they HAVE existed for centuries and that you have simply rediscovered them trapped in the blocks of wood you find and so you have kindly then released them from their incarceration to live again!!
You are you see actually a very benevolent magician!!
Dollmaker extrordinaire!!

David, You have excelled yourself......again!!!!
I thought the patina on my doll looked great but this is just as excellent and in her box!!!!!!!!!!!
An absolute TRIUMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for the photos!
Your amazing skills re the aging process!!! It is truly magical!!!!!!

Dear David,
Thank you so much for all the photos of your latest "doll in a box"!!
She is truly superb!!!
A real work of art!!!!
Absolutely lovely with that, tug at the heartstrings aura that is just impossible to define but you know when it is there!!!
There is a poignancy behind the eyes which shows through onto the finished doll's face and is I am sure just there when you finish certain dolls and although they are all lovely, some do seem to have more "soul" than others if I can define it that way!!This gorgeous latest doll has it in bucket loads!!!
Her dress is amazing too. It looks as if the wrinkles and folds in her sleeves and skirt have been there forever!!
The "dirt" and patination are incredible!! This latest set of photos shows up your consummate skills to their best!!
I don't know how you do it but you have definitely captured the magical touch of bringing real antique dolls to life!!!
I think you and Paul must have been wooden doll makers in olde England in a previous life!!
That is the only explanation for such wonders to behold!!!!

David: I love the doll, her patina is incredible. Even taking into account the lightening affect of the camera flash, I can see the depth of patina that seems to even extend under the surface of the paint! She is amazing in her unbleached linen gown... Very simple, and yes, it would be impossible to distinguish her from an original!
She is so very lovely, dirt & and all! The patina is amazing, the hands a sculptural dream... I don't know how you do it, but I an certainly very glad you do!

A big thank you to everyone for your lovely compliments above!

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  1. I love that doll, you are so talented. Can she be mine? :)

    Katarina in Sweden

  2. Amazing adorable doll! Best of all your dolls!!!
    Elena from Russia