Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Male French Court Doll

Hello everyone.....We have finished our Male French Court doll to go with our first French Court Doll. We are very pleased with the pair. Paul did an amazing job on dressing the male court doll. He even made the buttons for his vest out of old ivory or bone beads, I can't remember which, that he sanded down flat on both sides and tinted to match the vest, then distressed them a bit to match the patina I created on the doll and the clothing. He also made the coat buttons out of old gold metal studs also creating a enamel like center for them.
We are very pleased with them both. I have not posted any undressed photos of him or the other doll but both dolls body type and carving is 100% identical and historically correct to the anatomical detail an carving, including the very detail genitalia of the antique French Court dolls. Hope you enjoy the photos.
David & Paul



  1. Very nice work! The costume and details done great! Please tell me you sew clothes by hand? If so, what stitches you use in your work? I sew my dolls by hand. Thank you! Olga

  2. Thank you! Yes, all of our dolls are dressed in period fabric and hand sewn.

  3. "You have hands of gold" - as they say in Russia, when a man doing his job brilliantly. I admire your dolls! Thank you! Olga.