Thursday, January 24, 2013

17th Century Elegance

We are both extremely proud of our newest William and Mary Period English wooden. Standing a impressive 19 inches to the top of her full frontage, she is a very regal and elegant doll with a serene expression. She is identical in every way, including face body type and construction, to the rarest antique examples. Her dress fabric, a madras silk taffeta, was salvaged from a set of panels of a fine 18th century day dress which we were lucky enough years ago to acquire some years back. Almost two and one half centuries old dress the fabric is still remarkably strong and still retained many of it’s original hand gathered flounces which have been cleverly incorporated into the design of this doll’s dress. It' works up so elegantly and we are pleased that we have have enough to dress at least one more doll.
David & Paul

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