Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A very special and dear new Old Pretender

Hello everyone: We are so pleased with our newest and very sweet little doll. She is 13 inches tall and dressed in a lovely early warm chocolate brown linen. The fabric and dress style just seemed to be the perfect choice for this very sweet girl. She has such a gentle, sweet personality and presence, even more in person.
Hope you enjoy all the photos. I had so many great photos of her because she is just so photogenic, just like some people are. I had such a hard time deciding which were the best photos, so I posted a lot!
Best Wishes; David & Paul


  1. Wery nice girl! My congradulations (and sorry for my English, I havnt much knowlege about language and cant to explane all impressions.

  2. I like your work! This girl is wonderful!