Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Elegant and aristocratic new Old Pretender for Spring

I could not be more pleased with our newest doll. She is so elegant and as photogenic as they come and indistinguishable from a antique of her early 18th century period. Her dress fabric is so rare as well and like a spring time garden. It is from a dress panel we were lucky to acquire of hand embroidered 1720 court dress silk, the perfect match for this doll based on a antique of the same date. The fabric is absolutely exquisite and compliments this fine lady to a tee we think. I would have loved to see the original 1720 court dress that this amazing panel came from.
In person, she looks as though she could speak to you and what soul she has as she came to life for me as I put the finishing touches on her. Can you see her strolling through a spring or summer garden?
Hope everyone enjoys her photos.
Best Wishes; David



  1. Absolutely beautiful, you are so clever.

  2. Дэвид, какое изумительное платье! Оно создает весь образ куклы.