Friday, May 31, 2013

Another new and very tiny Old Pretender

Hello everyone...We had such a huge response to the tiny doll we just posted recently and so many requests for another so here she is. I love this one, and her wonderful face and expression, all on a face smaller than a grape, also at 5 inches tall exactly (just under 13cm).
I almost dressed her in a 18th century silk floral dress fabric but changed my mind and decided to dress her in a very simple early cotton which I had dressed one of my all time favourite dolls in years ago. Its funny, this ones deceptively simple dress with my signature stomacher took 3 times as long for me to dress compared to the other one. She has one of my perfect fitting, but so tiny lace up the back fully shaped stomacher / corsets (SO hard to make in this size) on this little one that is identical to the stomachers I make for some of our medium and large dolls and fits her like a second skin. I was so pleased when I completed it. Plus she has fabulous tiny shoes if I say so myself.
We both love our dolls that we dress in the more simple early fabrics.
Hope everyone enjoys her photos.
David & Paul





  1. I can't even fathom how difficult it must be to make a tiny doll like this,,,she is wonderful!

  2. She is gorgeous, I love the tight fit of her bodice/stomacher/corset,
    and the coloring of her dress and her skintone, very subtle.
    I would love to see her in a room/house setting.
    Do you also make your furniture yourself?
    greetings from Holland

  3. Absolutely beautiful craftmanship, very inspiring indeed!