Saturday, September 4, 2010

More mid 18th century elegance

Hello everyone: In my last post and e-mail that I sent out about my newest wooden that I was so pleased with, I mentioned that she did not work with the rare 1750's aqua silk, silver stomacher and shoes I made which I had planned on dressing her in.
I have now finished the doll for the 18th century aqua and silver fabric from a court dress and the silver stomacher and this time, the fabric and colour are perfect for my new doll.
Our friend Ulla (Ullabenulla blog) to compliment the last doll and agreed that the aqua fabric was not her colour.
Paul wrote her back and said.........

"Glad you enjoyed seeing the new doll and you are right... the aqua silk with the silver metallic just did not do her justice. This vexed David something terrible and he had made that lovely stomacher and an exquisite pair of tiny shoes in aqua silk for the doll. What to do? Well if you are David, you sit down and craft a sister doll with all of the same qualities as the first one but with a more subtle palette, paler skin tone and decoration, carved specifically to fit the existing clothing elements and to compliment that exquisite and rare 18th century court dress taffeta. And that is exactly what we did! He finally finished her last evening. Did she ever turn out beautifully. I'm sure David will be taking lots of pictures of her so you will see her soon."

Paul was right, I love this doll and so here are all those photos he said I would be taking....
Not only is the aqua and silver silk mid 18th century but so is the stomacher fabric and so is the really exquisite lace on the doll as well. She even has her Old Pretenders mask in hand in a couple of the photos.
Hope everyone enjoys seeing her.

Best Wishes: David