Saturday, May 21, 2016

An Elegant French Lady with a certain “ Je ne sais quoi”

Our latest French Court Doll, created for a special friend.
Although our field of expertise are English dolls, every so often it’s interesting to colour outside the lines and this Lovely Lady is a perfect example. Modeled after the infamous French court dolls of the late 18th century, this 17” example, dressed in the height of the fashion is not all she appears to be. For those not familiar with the French court dolls, they were a small collection of erotic novelties crafted for the “amusement” of the nobility at the court of king Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. The dolls were carved and modeled to be anatomically correct as females, males and occasionally both ! In the case of our Elegant Lady, her “Je ne sais quoi” lies in the fact that she is most definitely male from the waist down. This being said, she presents beautifully as an exquisitely dressed courtesan. As is the case with so many of these dolls a subtle craquelure and patina has been reproduced throughout. 
Her open robe, fashioned of a finely patterned 18th century silk brocade is woven in subtle shades of drab peach, sage and jade green all accented with a delicate black which is quite rarely seen on textiles of the period. To compliment, fine silk tulle custom dyed in shades sage and pumpkin was hand ruched has been applied throughout, set against black silk edging.