Monday, October 7, 2013

The Newest Old Pretender

Based on and my second tribute to one of my all time favourite early English woodens named Mary Devis, dating from 1735 / 1740 and 17 inch's tall. I am so pleased with my accomplishment with this doll. We have made a reproduction of Mary before, even dressing the first in a identical dress as the antique, but I chose to dress this one totally different. She also stands 17 inches tall and in my opinion, as wonderfully haunting as the antique Mary which was so important for me to capture. I have felt such a huge connection and draw to the antique Mary for many years now but was not able to afford to buy her. I think I finally captured her magic and soul in this doll. The eyes and mouth are identical to the antique as is her overall facial details. I am posting a lot of photos as I think they are all really good and could not choose.
Right click on any image and "open in new tab" for a large detailed view.
Hope everyone enjoys seeing her.
Best Wishes: David