Sunday, May 29, 2011

Late 17th Century Lady

We love the very rare late 17th century English wooden dolls and there are only two extremely rare antique examples of this doll from the 1690's known to exist. We based our doll, which is as close as possible to an exact copy of the antique, and made for our personal collection, on one of the two antiques from the 1690's we have had the privilege to have here with us. She has become one of my all time favourites now. We have been very lucky to have one of the rarest examples of a 17th century English woodens from the 1680's made by William Higgs here with us as well as this fine ladies antique 17th century counterpart. We feel very strongly that the antique example of this doll could very well have been made by Higgs due to the extremely close body type, proportions, hip and leg style, hand type, painting and carving style. I suppose it could have been made by one of Higgs apprentices but either way, we feel its from his workshop in Whitechaple 1690's and not by Newton, his competition at the time.
We hope you enjoy the photos.