Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A very special new Old Pretender named Eve

We have a very special and exceptional new Old Pretender up for sale and she is one of our finest for sure. She looks so much like a early antique in every way including her amazing finish and patina which I am so pleased with this time.
She is quite a special doll for me as well as I actually finished her head and torso in Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so since she "came to life" as I call it on Christmas Eve, I have named her Eve.
Her dress fabric is the rarest of the rare and so amazing in person. The photos just do not do it justice. It is a ultra rare ruby red and silver metal thread court dress silk from around 1740. Its in amazing condition and needs to be seen in person for full impact.
She is 15 inches tall and most definitely a masterpiece if I may say so myself. They just don't get better than this one or more "antique" looking.
She is as of yet, not spoken for. Please e-mail us at   if interested.

Best Wishes: David & Paul