Friday, November 22, 2013

The Newest Old Pretender

Hello everyone: I am very pleased with our newest little lady whos face looks so much like the antique she was based on right down to her amazing overall patina. No one could tell this patina did not take close to 300 years to develop. A very difficult if not impossible thing to accomplish, most will say, but that I have perfected over the years. Something I am very proud of and no one else has yet to master.
Whether it be on our dolls or matching up to a 300 year old paint and patina on my restoration work, my paint matching skills and patina work is indistinguishable from antique examples.
Her dress fabric is extremely rare hand embroidered English court dress silk from remnants of a gown dating from 1720 with some of the smallest flower detail we have seen.
She stands just 12 inches tall which will give you an idea just how small and delicate and amazing these flowers and hand details are.
Every detail, from the doll herself to her dress and right down to her wig, looks to have been created in the early 18th century.
I uploaded a lot of photos of her so I hope everyone enjoys seeing them.
Best Wishes; David